Planning & Procuring


Planning and procuring Dream Space is a simple, hassle free “09” step process. The process commences from the time you visit our showroom and culminates on installation, joint inspection with client and handover of guarantee certificate.

Showroom visit:

Please visit our showroom you will be received by well trained sales personnel. Our showroom has displayed with 4 types of kitchens and different varieties of wardrobes crockery unit, work stations, T.V units withdiverse accessories and hardware.


Our sales personnel will interact with you to understand your lifestyle and dining aspects and inform you about the different aspects, advantages and attributes of Dream Space and approximate cost.

You can experience the quality,workmanship,design and accessory options of different models at our showroom as many times you wish.With the assistance of our sales personnel arrive at a decision to go for further process with Dream space. It is helpful to plan with Dream Space at brickwork stage as it offers maximum flexibility in designing your modular work.

Site Measurement & Design Details:
The Site engineers of Dream Space will visit your site with prior appointment and carefully map the area for proper dimensions.
This process is accomplished in close interaction with your make sure of the accessories which you want to incorporate in your furniture.
The interaction will thoroughly access your storage requirements for utensils, crockery, cutlery, ovens, cooking ranges, chimneys, kitchen gadgetry, frozen food storage, storage of cleaning stuff etc.

Layout plan, elevation and 2d imaging:
Based on the measurements and design details, Dream Space designers will prepare layout drawings of each fascia and create a 2d image of the design.
This Information (Which is generated using Auto cad software technology) enables you as a client to fully comprehend and visualize the design make changes and review graphically in 2 dimensions till you arrive at your desired design before placing order.

Ordering Dream space:
Now all the preliminary steps are completed now time to order Before you place and order:

  • Estimates and drawings are reviewed
  • Textures, accessories and colors are finalized
  • Formal order is placed by you

Schematic drawing & site marking:
Schematic drawings of site is prepared completely with positions of utility connections like waterpower.
Then the site is visited by our site engineers.
In reference to final plan and drawing the site engineer marks the electrical points,water outlet and plumbing and gas plumbing wherever applicable without ambiguity at the site with coordination of relevant contractors. These markings are then used by the relevant contractors to execute the work. But for example complete wood work for a 3bhk flat which is around 1500 sft it takes one month with the procurement.

Pre installation check:
The Site is visited by the Dream space site engineer before installation.This visit ensures that all the provisions are given perfectly ,on the same day final check measurement is taken.
Confirmation that site is ready in all aspects,then Dream Space commences packing and delivery operations.

Packing and delivery:
At our depots the components are inspected for quality specifications and packed using the best packing material for optimum handling and in transit safety .The material are loaded carefully in the company own vehicle and transported to clients site.
All this operations are free no additional cost is levied on the client.

The installation work is done by the well trained competent personnel of Dream Space in a quiet and efficient manner causing minimal disturbance and inconvenience to the client.
With the help of power tools Dream Space takes 3 days for one kitchen.

Joint inspection and Dream Space handover:
Once the installation is done it is inspected jointly by Dream Space engineers and client the client is updated on diverse aspects of the product to enable them to use it for optimum results.
This process concludes with handing over the guarantee document.