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Elica offers a wide range of Built in Hobs in Glass (tempered) and Stainless Steel Finish. We have two typologies in our Built in Hobs, one with European Burners and other MFC Brass burners. MFC Brass Burner Built in Hobs are designed to suit Indian cooking. Indian cooking is very peculiar where the temperature of oil is very important to make a perfect Tadka.To make a perfect Roti / Phulka/ Paratha requires the right temperature and right flame. Although Built in Hobs got a good revolution in Indian kitchen, but the European Burners used in Hobs cannot satisfy the need of Indian cooking. Keeping in mind this fact we will launching Cook tops with Indian Brass burners, to prepare a perfect Indian meal.MFC burners are highly efficient and hence save energy. All Elica Built in Hobs are built with high quality material and controls to ensure safety. All Elica Built in Hobs are also available with FFD (Flame Failure Device ) as a option for additional safety. * All Elica Built in Hobs are intended for domestic use only.

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Modular Kitchens are the order of the day in an era that focuses on convenience, space economy and utility value.


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